Rug Restoration

Rug Restoration

Get the best services to restore your Oriental Rugs at Oriental Rug Cleaning Service. We take care of the oriental rugs and restore it to its former glory and appeal. We clean the carpets by hand so that no stain remains unattended.

Persian Rug Cleaning

Persian Rug Cleaning

Get the cleanest, freshest Persian rug cleaning service at Oriental Rug Cleaning. We believe that you want your rug to remain beautiful. Thus, the key to make it as good as new is to clean it regularly so that the intricate design and its beauty could be maintained for many years to come.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning Naples

We have been hand washing rugs for over 32 years in our very owned and operated, state of the art 5,000 square foot cleaning facility.

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Not only do we clean rugs Naples. Fl Area, we also specialize in rug repair, rug restoration and guaranteed pet odor removal. We also sell customized rug padding to protect your precious rugs. We Offer FREE estimates as Your local company, pickup and delivery services for your convenience.

Our Service Area : Naples Manor, Naples Park, Bonita Springs, Marco Island, San Carlos Park, Fort Myers Beach, Cypress Lake, Boca Grande, Iona, Villas, Immokalee, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, North Fort Myers.


Dusting Process

Like most professional rug cleaners will tell you that know what they are doing, the dusting can be the most important process of rug cleaning. It can sometimes define what the next..

Washing Process

Another fun phase to watch is the washing process. The washing process is the next phase that once the particles are loosened and mostly extracted, we clean the rugs both sides…

Soft Water Rinse

What is a soft water rinse you ask? Most don’t think of water being hard or soft but its all about the amount of water pressure you put on a rug. You don’t want to put so much…

Top Drying Process

Finally, one of the last phases, the drying process. It all begins when the rug has been wrung as much as possible. Depending on the type of rug that we have cleaned depends…

Rug Cleaning Naples

Several years ago, we decided as a family that it was time for my dad to retire from running our rug cleaning business. At the time, we were by no means the biggest hand washing company in town but we did have a loyal following for those who really valued the services we provided. We have continued with the same philosophy and are very fortunate to now be growing into the coasts surrounding us. We offer Rug Cleaning Naples and are in the area quite often during the week. Our services are the same…FREE pick up, FREE delivery and FREE estimates no matter where live…



Our Service

We consider ourselves very unique in this very distinct business of truly hand washing rugs. Anyone that calls our company and talks to me knows I am never one to say anything negative about another company that does what they say they do. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the hardworking,
There are countless types of repairs that we can master. We have truly seen it all. Our repair department can work on holes that have been chewed by your pet. They can also do color correction to put the brightness back into rugs that may have been stripped of color from a chemical or improper cleaning process such as steam.
When you buy something that you love you do whatever you can to preserve it. You wash your car two to three times a week when you first buy it. When you buy a new dress you may wait a few times to wash it because you want it to look brand new each time you wear it. We take care of things we are proud of.
I have said it over and over again, we know how much you love your pets! But we all know it can be a real damper on the day when you come home to find you dog did not greet you at the door. Instead, a somber faced, tail ducking, other species emerges from a dark room knowing they are about to get the yelling of all yellings!.

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It has been years since I had my rugs cleaned. I saw the rug cleaning truck at my condo building, since there phone number was on the roof of the van I immediately called them and they came up to my apartment and picked up the rug. The rug cleaning looks great, I feel like I have new carpets! Thank you.

Rose Johnson

Naples Manor, FL

I am so happy I found Oriental Rug Care, I have heard many nice things about this company from my neighbors so I decided to have them wash my wet rug from the hurricane. This did a terrific job

S. Parish

Naples Park, FL

I wanted to write a short note thanking Oriental rug care for doing a wonderful cleaning and new fringes on my mothers carpet

Sincerely, Jane Gomez