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About our Company

Service Since 1986, We have own Plant at Naples Area
We are a multi-generational true oriental and modern rug cleaning company. We offer an array of services from hand washing rugs, offering padding and artisan quality repairs. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with my dad in is close to retirement years to learn about what it takes to keep oriental rugs looking like new and smelling fresh. From the time we are invited into you home and talk to you about our rug restoration services and throughout our rug cleaning process, we deliver your rugs back to you in the timeliest manner and often leave our customers in awe of the results.
Rug Restoration Naples

Rug Restoration

Rug Restoration Naples is probably one of the most challenging aspects of our business. On a daily basis, we are hand-washing rugs, doing repairs and getting odors out. There are the days when rugs need a little bit more attention. There are numerous factors that go into why a rug has lost its luster, so to speak. Same way you can say that there are countless

Our Process

Dusting Process Naples

Dusting Process

Like most professional rug cleaners will tell you that know what they are doing, the dusting can be the most important process of rug cleaning. It can sometimes define what the next stage..

Washing Process Naples

Washing Process

Another fun phase to watch is the washing process. The washing process is the next phase that once the particles are loosened and mostly extracted, we clean the rugs both sides...

Soft Water Rinse Process Naples

Soft Water Rinse Process

What is a soft water rinse you ask? Most don’t think of water being hard or soft but its all about the amount of water pressure you put on a rug. You don’t want to put so much on it that...

Drying Process Naples

Drying Process

Finally, one of the last phases, the drying process. It all begins when the rug has been wrung as much as possible. Depending on the type of rug that we have cleaned depends...


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What Our Clients Say About Us


“For years, I have tried almost every oriental rug and carpet cleaning company in the area. Their services made me regret sending my precious oriental rugs to them. While the rugs weren't completely destroyed, they were returned to me in bad shape.”

“Ever since I discovered Oriental Rug Cleaning By Hand, I never looked back. I have several oriental rugs at home because I collect them, and every so often I would have them cleaned by a professional cleaner. In the past, I was constantly frustrated with.”

“I have tried many oriental rug cleaning services over the years and I was disappointed with most of them. One time, I sent my oriental rug to this company to have it cleaned because of a stubborn stain and the stain was still there when the.”



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