Fringe Cleaning Process

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Fringe Cleaning Process

You can have a rug properly cleaned. It can smell fresh and feel so clean and soft you would think that you just bought it and laid it down on your floor. All the proper cleaning techniques could have been applied but none of that would matter if the fringe was not cleaned correctly. We take so much time in this process you would think it was the most important and in some is. Once the rug gets to the drying phase is the perfect time to work on the fringe detail..

Fringe Rug Cleaning Process

As the rug is hanging we rinse out the fringe with soft enzymes. We do not uses any bleaches of any kind. There is a good chance that your rug was not brought to us with Bleach white fringes so that is not the way we want it returned to you. We want the fringe looking natural and not feeling brittle from improper drying or using too much chemical to mask the dinginess in the fringe.

There are other solutions for outstanding results as well when the fringe is too far gone. We can replace fringe with new hand sewn or machine applied fringe which customers always feel gives the rugs new life.

Either way it our customer satisfaction that keeps them coming back over and over when they need their rugs cleaned and their fringe detailed.

Rug Dusting Naples

Dusting Process

Like most professional rug cleaners will tell you that know what they are doing, the dusting can be the most important process of rug cleaning. It can sometimes define what the next stage is going to look like. When we get a rug in, we blow out both sides of rugs with low pressure air to lift all dirts and allergens

Rug Washing Naples

Washing Process

Another fun phase to watch is the washing process. The washing process is the next phase that once the particles are loosened and mostly extracted, we clean the rugs both sides. YES, both sides. This is not done by machine or tub. Our crew lays the rug out flat, spraying the right enzymes

Dry Rug Cleaning Naples

Drying Process

Finally, one of the last phases, the drying process. It all begins when the rug has been wrung as much as possible. Depending on the type of rug that we have cleaned depends on the type of drying process needed. We have the means to hang dry our rugs with very low speed fans or we lay our rugs out flat to dry...


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